RunSchool Online helps school administrators and staff;

Puts your school on the world map. People get to know about your school from any part of the world through your website and content management system.

Manage all category of students from creche, nursery, Basic primary, junior secondary and senior secondary as well as alumni.

Makes payments collection and processing of fees, levies or tuition very easy.

Error free students result computations in record time. Students results that usually took weeks to be prepared and yet with errors using the manual method can now be ready with just a click and yet without errors.

Manage the school activities from anywhere in the world at any time with any internet enabled device such as smart phone, laptop or desktop.

Maintain a comprehensive database of all staffs, students, alumni and applicants. Records can easily be retrieved whenever they are needed.

Live update of news, upcoming events as well as photo and video gallery.

Control/monitor users access to information in the school system.

Send email and text messages to various users such as staffs and parents.

Reduce cost of running the school,saves time and boosts income, eliminates the cost of purchase or production of dossiers, paper and other writing materials required for manual processing of students result.

No fear of loss of data due to fire, theft, rodents and other destructive means. Your data is safely stored in the cloud with replicated backup to other data centers on a regular basis.

Save office space by reducing the amount of paper documents to be archived or kept in the office. Information will be stored in the cloud in digital form.

Real time logs and monitoring of user activities within the school.

RunSchool Online is continuously being improved and updated with new features. Your school stands the chance to enjoy these at no extra charge.

Enjoy free technical support and trainings on RunSchool Online.